About Us


OVIS, or the Okanagan Visually Impaired Society, was incorporated as a society under the Society Act of British Columbia in December of 1997 and held its first official meeting in January 1998. Society membership allows the Society to function as an independent organization, growing at its own pace towards its own objectives as described in the OVIS Mission Statement.


The aim of the Okanagan Visually Impaired Society (OVIS) is to provide an environment of unity within the local blind and visually impaired community, thus fostering a setting where members can enhance their creative abilities, energies and talents.The Society works to achieve this goal through the promotion of self-esteem and confidence by means of varied recreational and social activities encouraging personal bonds and a strong spirit of community within its membership.

The Society is an organization for members of the blind and visually impaired community. These members, with input from sighted or associate members, manage the Society.

The OVIS “in-house” recreational program includes a slate of sport and social activities adapted to accommodate our members. Each event allows for any member, regardless of their disability, to participate.